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We're back! [21 Mar 2010|08:16pm]

LJ <3 GB          the guild is back!

I created it tonight - so I hope all of you return to join forces!
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No really, we won! [07 Mar 2010|02:10pm]

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epic team. [27 Feb 2010|12:06am]


I played two rounds with a WAND and an effing DRAGON on my team..... before the power went out.

It was brief, but glorious.
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Re-Creating LJ <3 GB [22 Feb 2010|12:00am]

I'm working on getting the LJ <3 GB guild re-created, but I have to level up to a Stone Axe or better first. Anybody else able to?
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still, 6 years later a fun night. [19 Feb 2010|02:40am]


I remember the good old days.
Though aduka still sucks in this version.
And the buddy list doesn't work.
We co-orderinated through AIM instant messenger and MSN.

Still, there was LJ*GB room the other night.
I was on Negativeevil.

Fun old times.
It's crazy how after a few years it's still fun.
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[05 Mar 2009|11:15pm]


I got gunbound again.
Need friends.
I got a bunch to download it as is.
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Win a Laptop - GunBound Spring Cup at ESL [23 Apr 2008|12:02pm]
The next chance to qualify for the GOA European Championshipsp is the Spring Cup at ESL.

The winner of the GOA European Championships gets a laptop!

Find out more and sign up here
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Gunbound Reborn! [05 Oct 2007|12:25pm]

I've made a Facebook group for friends/members of LJ <3 GB.... remember from back in the day?


join join join!
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hey peeps [18 Sep 2007|03:58am]

hey everyone, long time no post!Well just now actually I downloaded the latest version of gunbound.Can anybody tell me how do I cut the map on?!?!?!

s/n: girlwit2dads

add me

love me

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WEREWOLVES! [13 Sep 2007|10:00pm]


Softnyx are currently running pre-OBT sessions of their new free online FPS called Wolfteam. In Wolfteam you get a good selection of modern day weapons, all of which can be fully upgraded with the likes of scopes and laser sights. But best of all is having the ability to change into a werewolf anytime you want. As a werewolf you can run faster, take more hits, run across the walls, and camouflage into the scenery. While you can't use weapons in wolf form, you can savagely rip some poor guy to shreds.

Think of it as kind of like a free Counterstrike, with the option to turn into a savage wolf, ambushing your opponent from the ceiling and mauling their face off.

Pre-OBT sessions last from Fridays through 'til Tuesdays, which will go on until October. After that the official open beta test phase will begin. Expect there to be lag, since it's only in testing right now. Best of all is that it's a Softnyx game, which means it will always be 100% free to play.

Advertising it here since it's a Softnyx game, therefore related to Gunbound. 

Oh and before I forget, me and Flea still pwn every single one of you at Gunbound.

~ Quantum
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awww i feel bad for Quantum [05 Sep 2007|09:24pm]

Quantum again (9:22:34 PM): Dear Quantum,

It is no longer possible to transfer accounts to other servers. Migration period was already over. If you wish to play in that server, please create a new account there.
Thank you for your patience.
Quantum again (9:23:04 PM): I hope they die in a fire
Nomi Owns You (9:24:42 PM): LAWLZ
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Out of the shadows [07 Apr 2007|12:12am]

Wow, I've been away from this game so long and I've decided to come back. I was a little surprised when my old account still worked and still had all my old equipment on it.

Keep an eye open for me for I'm on somewhat randomly. my IGN is "Fina"

To note, the last time I've played was probably way back before they apparently needed to login to a website before the game, so I'm very rusty. Then again, I was playing back before Aduka became an official tank...
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Got back on GB... [27 Mar 2007|02:38am]

[ mood | bored ]

Got bored tonight and saw this community was still alive and kicking. I'm no longer "GarnetYoshi" for those of you who remember me if at all, but under the new name of "Reldorloth" (and already a double battle axe after about a month or so of play o.O) --- that, and I noticed my GB info on that list is way out of date --- I haven't used the DhaleTheLion AIM name in... years. o.O

So yeah. Blah.

Lizard Rat out.
Insane in Albany NY

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back...finally [08 Mar 2007|09:27pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I haven't played in almost three years, then I come back in the winter to be kicked off of GB again

finally...FINALLY have my own laptop so now I am playing at the library; I am on like three times a week pretty early, but you usually have a 75% chance of finding me on. WIFI is so so, it's not DSL but it's better than 56k....

I'm sabaku now and I used to be a double handed silver axe with a dot, but now I am reworking myself so I can be good....again (I was a sucky pro -_-;)

so you can add me if the stupid buddy system is working:

Sabaku or in a while:


working on a gaara avatar and will be changing my name soon, so don't freak out ^_^

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ah memories. [16 Feb 2007|01:30pm]

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I am back! [31 Jan 2007|06:42pm]

Add Me!
NightParrot.... Not, forgot the password of that account.

Add Me!

Some of you may remember me from the past. Well, I am back.
I got a better internet connection and am able to play gunbound again.
Only to find two new Bots to ride! (Yay!)
And the prices of items have been increased with some evil buy this item for a short time thing if you want them for the normal price. (Boo! Hiss!)

Anyway, I will be out of the newbie area in a few days depending on how much I play. See you all in the avatar off zone then!
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[20 Jan 2007|01:30am]

[ mood | horny ]

Man, I miss this game. Is there anything new or exciting that'll interest me enough into coming back?

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Gunbound update. [19 Jan 2007|12:33am]

The buddy list is finally working again. Now I don't have to network my guild through MSN/AIM anymore.
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Guild News [03 Jan 2007|02:54pm]


guild name = Legality

server = Revolution

catch = your name needs to be something you can get sued for....

yes we're lame. :P

also, who's still active in this community?

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And a happy new year, minions! [03 Jan 2007|05:49pm]

[ mood | blank ]

It pleases us to announce that our lordly self, against all the odds, is not dead, terminally insane nor stranded on a deserted island somewhere in the Philipine archipellagus with, God forbid, no internet access at all. Quite to the contrary, we're still alive and as khkhk.. sane as we ever will be. .. apart from the annoying habit of reffering to ourselves in plural.

Anyhow, what's up with that whole Revolution thingy I'm downloading at the moment? Will my old account still work or shall I have to start anew, leaving my hard earned set of pirate regalia behind in the land of tiny yellowish people and their tiny yellowish servers?

Oh. And a happy new year.

Puppeter, the JubJub lord.

8 gold shot bonus

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