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Gunbounders unite!

Gunbound Fans!
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Hello! This is a community for the awesome online shooting game, Gunbound!!
Anyone can join! To join, either click here or on the link at the top of the community info page~ To see all gunbound entries in your daily Friends pages, be sure to add the community as a Friend. Come on in and talk about your favorite bot and clothes and weapons! :D Enjoy!
If you would like to find the contact info of other Gunbound LJ-ers, check out the Gunbound LJ Directory, awesomely made by happylight~ Comment in this thread if you would like to be added.
Community Rules
Please read before posting!

(1) This is a Gunbound community, so please (please!) keep all posts at least remotely Gunbound-related.

(2) When posting big pictures, please put them behind an LJ-cut. (Instructions for LJ-cuts can be found in the Livejournal FAQ here.) One small picture (about 300x300 or less) like an avatar preview does not have to be cut, however, all other pictures in the same post must be behind an LJ-cut.

(3) Advertising in-game Gunbound trades is allowed, but selling accounts/items/etc using outside Gunbound money (*real money*) is strictly prohibited.

(4) Promoting a room in Gunbound is also allowed, but no more than one LJ game post per person per day. (...per person.. per day..) This rule may change as more LJ gunbound events take place.

(5) Rants and debates are good, but please keep it civil! Mind your tongue and manners!

(6) The Golden Rule of Gunbound (which is rarely followed these days...) applies to the Gunbound LJ! Respect other players/posters!!
Gunbound Links

Download Gunbound
Gunbound International Official Site
Original Korean Gunbound
Gunbound HQ
Pockethouse Gunbound Comics
Gunbound Sector
Community Mods: accela + prguitarman