Don (kazujin) wrote in gunbound,

still, 6 years later a fun night.

I remember the good old days.
Though aduka still sucks in this version.
And the buddy list doesn't work.
We co-orderinated through AIM instant messenger and MSN.

Still, there was LJ*GB room the other night.
I was on Negativeevil.

Fun old times.
It's crazy how after a few years it's still fun.
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I had to re-register! Boo-urns. Doesn't it remember my hours of trial and finally getting to *that* level?

I'm cdnmoon again!
This is a totally older version!

It doesn't have any stuff at all, clean slate, refresh start.
Old version of the code.

No frog, or new bots.
oh man.
I'm a chick again!

I can't wait to play.
Oh my god thank you for posting this...I am so signing up!

ahh...the memories <3
I signed on, I am crazyfire. I am playing soooo bad. Well it is fun lag still exists.
AHHH I Need to buy my mummyhead again!

Yeah so.
Buddylist doesn't work unless you open a port or something?
Chatbox doesn't work like that either.

BUT anyway, FUN.

We just have to co-orderinate through AIM. Or an instant messenger. I MISS PEOPLE.