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Softnyx are currently running pre-OBT sessions of their new free online FPS called Wolfteam. In Wolfteam you get a good selection of modern day weapons, all of which can be fully upgraded with the likes of scopes and laser sights. But best of all is having the ability to change into a werewolf anytime you want. As a werewolf you can run faster, take more hits, run across the walls, and camouflage into the scenery. While you can't use weapons in wolf form, you can savagely rip some poor guy to shreds.

Think of it as kind of like a free Counterstrike, with the option to turn into a savage wolf, ambushing your opponent from the ceiling and mauling their face off.

Pre-OBT sessions last from Fridays through 'til Tuesdays, which will go on until October. After that the official open beta test phase will begin. Expect there to be lag, since it's only in testing right now. Best of all is that it's a Softnyx game, which means it will always be 100% free to play.

Advertising it here since it's a Softnyx game, therefore related to Gunbound. 

Oh and before I forget, me and Flea still pwn every single one of you at Gunbound.

~ Quantum
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